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Shared Care & Women’s Health

Shared Care & Women’s Health

Caring for you and your new arrival.

Our specialised Doctors, work closely with you and your chosen maternity service, to provide care to you throughout your pregnancy.

During your regular visits, we assess the health of you and your baby, and undertake all the required investigations needed throughout your pregnancy. These include referrals: physical examinations, Harmony testing, blood tests, ultrasounds and a referral to an Obstetrician if needed.

Shared care also includes, pre- conception counselling, infertility/IVF, and post-partum management.

The doctors who specialise in shared care at our clinic include; Dr Sana. They have undergone formal training on top of their medical degrees to help and assist you throughout your pregnancy and will be able to answer any question you may have. When booking an appointment, please mention to reception staff that you are booking a shared care appointment.

We look forward to meeting the little one and providing ongoing care for you and them.

Our Shared care practitioners are also well trained to help guide you through family planning, these include: Implanon, IUD and oral contraceptives, including postpartum contraceptive options.